Tenet EC Floor Plan by Qingjian

    Tenet EC Floor Plans by Qingjian Realty

    Tenet EC Qingjian Realty will feature many different layouts to cater to different family sizes.

    Innovative Features of the Qingjian EC Floor Plan

    The innovative feature of the Qingjian EC Floor Plan is CoSpace. This concept offers homeowners the ability to change the use of the space to suit their individual needs. This type of floor plan is an excellent choice for buyers who seek luxury and spacious living. Qingjian Realty will continue to come up with new concepts and ideas to meet buyer demands. CoSpace offers flexibility to change space usage if a couple decides to move in and start a family. For example, a couple may use a space as a home entertainment room for their new life together, but later convert it to a child’s room.

    Cospace is a science

    The Cospace is a concept of smart homes introduced by Qingjian Realty on its Visionaire Residences, the first EC in Singapore with this concept. This concept allows buyers to personalize their floor plans to suit their lifestyles. Residents can even book facilities with the HiLife App. With its proximity to major healthcare facilities in the western part of Singapore, Qingjian has a solid track record.

    CoSpace is a science based on three main components – efficiency, flexibility, and interactivity. These components work together to make the most of space. Efficiency allows maximum space utilization. Flexibility lets people live and work as they wish. Interactivity makes each space free from any limitations. By maximizing the space, CoSpace allows residents to create their own lifestyles and meet their personal needs.

    It allows homeowners to customise the space according to their needs

    Qingjian Realty has recently launched its executive condominiums EC Bellewoods and Bellewaters, which come with optional layouts that enable homeowners to customise the space to their needs. The flexible CoSpace units don’t have floor tiles or kitchen cabinets, so they can be easily combined to create a study area, playroom, or extra bedroom.

    The Qingjian EC Floor Plan comes with three different layout options: the Flexi and CoSpace. The CoSpace Flexi option costs between $25,000 and $45,000, with the three-bedroom CoSpace starting at $722,000 each. The developers plan to hand over units at the Riversound Residence, River Isles, and Waterbay in the second half of 2015, but only a few units are still available for purchase.

    It incorporates smart living technology

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