Stamp Duty Rates and Computation
Purchase Price or Market Value of PropertyBuyer Stamp Duty Rates for Residential PropertiesBuyer Stamp Duty Rates for Commercial Properties
First $180,0001%1%
Next $180,0002%2%
Next $640,0003%3%
Remaining Amount4%
Additional Buyer Stamp Duty Rates and Computation
Nationality1st Property2nd Property3rd Property
Singapore CitizensN.A12%15%
Permanent Residents5%15%15%
Entities / Companies25%25%25%

Stamp Duties Involved in Purchase a Property in Singapore

Buying a property in Singapore may incur stamp duty fees. Buyer’s stamp duty is based on the beneficial owner’s profile and is charged on all purchases of Singapore properties. The amount of stamp duty is due and payable within 14 days after the date of the contract or agreement. The Act also applies to certain types of instruments. Here are some examples of such instruments. To avoid paying unnecessary stamp duty fees, you may want to read the following article.